This 85 Second Video Will Expose Why You Aren't Getting The Traffic You Need And Reveals How To Solve That Problem. Forever.

You're in the right place if:

  • You don't want to eat, sleep, breathe, and dream about your business.
  • Traffic strategies you've tried in the past have led to little or no results.
  • You want to increase the money you make without having to hire 43 people to do it.

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

It was just over a decade ago and I was starting out online.

I'd seen some success in E-Commerce and decided to begin the process of sharing what I'd figured out when it came to driving traffic.

Little did I know that I'd soon be changing the lives of thousands of marketers...

When I first started out, I had less than no idea what I was doing.

I tried everything to drive traffic to my E-commerce store.  Literally, everything.

I used software that promised me thousands of visitors from pushing a button.

No visitors came, no matter how many times I pushed that button.

I read an Ebook that shared the secrets to growing a massive list using Safelists.  I got a whole 9 subscribers after 2 months of blasting that safelist every single day.  None of them ever bought anything.

Just like you, I was promised riches beyond my wildest dreams if I just followed the simple steps to suck out unlimited amounts of traffic from forums, MySpace™, Facebook™, YouTube™, and dozens of others.

Most of them didn't work.  Not even a little.

Over time I figured out what actually did work by working on it for 16 hours per day.

Most importantly, what I discovered is not what you'll learn from the guru-of-the-week.

I pulled together everything that I'd learned about traffic during my first year online into an 87 page Ebook called The Traffic Manifesto.

I shared the good stuff and only the good stuff.  Here's a tactic that works.  Here's how it works.  Here's what you do to make it work for you.

Before I realized what was happening, I was selling dozens of copies per day.

Traffic was the primary weakness of far more Marketers than I realized.

I sold thousands of units of that program before I retired it.

I took what I'd taught in that program and transformed it into "THE Web Traffic Book".

Again, sold a few hundred units in the first week and sold a few thousand over time.

Why Is Traffic So Hard For Us To Figure Out?

Advice is everywhere, but it's usually terrible.

Most training programs were made for people that aren't like you.  Either the guidance is awful or the systems are so complex that you'd need a Doctorate Degree just to understand what they're trying to show you.

You're tired of spinning your wheels and seeing little or no improvement from the work you've done and getting no sales, but your bad luck is about to disappear for good.

Have you ever:

Tried some new "amazing" traffic strategy only to have it flop like a rubber pancake?

Attempted to advertise your business, but have your entire budget magically disappear in seconds with zero sales?

Created killer content that's perfectly designed to create sales only to have it pass by your audience like a fart in the wind?

Tried to sell on social media the way everyone else does to have zero response leaving you feeling silly and foolish?

It happens to the best of us and it's the result of a common problem:

Listening to the wrong experts.

If you'll stick with me for a few moments, I'll show you a better way to get the traffic you need.  You won't have to sell your right arm to get it either.

Ross GoldbergMy name is Ross Goldberg. I'm a best-selling author and world-renowned traffic expert.  I'm going to reveal the ultimate traffic system where you'll get all of the guidance you need to generate the traffic and sales you deserve.

Until now, nobody has built a program based around you:  A Solopreneur.

You don't want to have to pay a 43 person staff just to generate attention and drive the traffic needed to build a thriving business.

You also don't want to flush your time down the toilet trying to prove someone's $7 bad idea about how to reach more of your audience.

Traffic.  Simplified.

Structural Systems

  • Foundation Systems

    Get all of your foundational business aspects in line and working properly.  Even if you’ve had your business running for a decade, you’re missing some of the pieces and going on without them is like trying to build your business on quicksand.

  • Conversion Systems

    If you can’t convert traffic into sales and profit, you’re screwed.  The conversion system includes templates to make converting visitors into sales much easier.  Of course, there’s training from some of the top copywriters alive, too.

  • Sales Systems

    Sales is far more than a sales letter.  It’s understanding what words your audience needs to hear to be comfortable buying from you.  No matter where you’re selling, the process is the same.  Understanding how to sell is a required skill that you should be improving every chance you get.

Traffic Systems

  • Social Systems

    Your social presence makes it apparent to your prospects that you know what you’re talking about and can help them solve the problems your business promises to solve.  Yet, if you do this wrong, you end up looking silly and losing sales.

  • Content Systems

    Having the right content in the right places shows your prospects that you’re serious about what you do.  It gives them a chance to sample your brilliance before they pay you for the products you sell.  Even better, it’s an opportunity to teach them how they can use your products and services best.

  • Advertising Systems

    Advertising gives you the ability to control the flow of customers into your business.  It is impossible to control a market without having the right advertising in place.  The problem is that the learning curve is massive.  Without the right help, you’re going to waste a lot of money figuring out how to reach your best prospects.

What Makes Traffic System Z So Different?

I don't know if anybody has told you this lately, but:  You're not a dumbass.

Most of the training out there includes lovely (boring) topics like the history of video marketing.

You don't need to know what used to work.  It doesn't work anymore.

Every system in Traffic System Z is based upon being "bite size".  Easy for you to consume and deploy.

You'll also find more in-depth training from Ross and some of his legendary marketing friends:

Systems & Blueprints

The core of Traffic System Z is the training.

Blueprints cover big ideas like affiliate marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, and Advertising.  They give you the overhead view you need to implement them in your business, even if you've never tried before.

Each Blueprint gives you key systems that will improve your results with that strategy.

Systems are the simple, quick activities you can take to drive more traffic, convert more sales, and make more money.

Process Maps

Each System module includes an easy to follow process map that goes over the relevant details and shows you exactly what to do to get it working for your business.

Worksheets & Templates

Most Systems include worksheets, checklists, or fill-in-the-blank templates to make putting them into place as easy as filling in a few blanks and checking off a few boxes.

Inside you'll find templates for articles, press releases, videos, and more for your content marketing (you can see a list of them all a little further down this page).

You'll also find templates for Facebook ads, customer service replies, email marketing, outsourcing job postings, and more than a dozen more.

These templates will save you dozens of hours.  All you have to do is use them.

Legendary Marketers

With 12 years online marketing experience, Ross has quite a bit to share with you.  However, he's not going to be the absolute best at everything.  You'll find in-depth training from some of the brightest marketing minds on earth.  The best copywriters and traffic experts are revealing their closely guarded secrets for you.

The Real Support You Need.

Not only will you get help when you need it, you'll have nearly instant answers to your questions in our private Facebook Group.

Most Marketers will disappear after you buy their products.  You can realistically expect legitimate help and nearly instant replies to your questions.

Here are a few things real people said publicly on Facebook after getting help from Ross:

All Traffic System Z Members get:

  • Direct support and help from Ross to reach more of your audience and get them to buy.
  • Instant answers to questions in our private Facebook Group.
  • New Systemz & Blueprints added often based on your questions and needs.
  • Stay on top of the forever-changing game of generating targeted leads.
  • All of your Marketing made far easier with simple-to-edit fill-in-the-blank templates and worksheets.
  • The secrets to advertising without having to sell off your favorite limb to cover the costs.
  • Access to a community of marketers like you that are working towards keeping a simple business that still generates the income they need.

Traffic System Z Stands Apart From Other "Traffic Training".

An Evolutionary Program That Never Ends.

Traffic is always growing and changing.  To stay on top of the strategies and tactics that work, you're going to need training and support of an expert to stay knowledgable on what works right now.  This is how you keep traffic and sales flowing at all times.


Ross will be fixing your sales processes, email sequences, and traffic strategies at zero additional cost to you.  Simply make a request in our private group to get on the list of things to fix.


Got questions?  Need more detail on a System?  Just ask and you'll get clear, fast answers.  You can count on your questions being answered fully and completely with your total access to Ross and his help.

A Thriving Community

Traffic System Z members will also be there to help and support you when you need it.  No more "Lonely Marketer Syndrome" for you when you become a member today!

Most Marketers that are good with Content Marketing can't grasp Advertising.  Its like a toddler trying to learn an ancient, forgotten language.

Knowing this, I took on a client just over 2 years ago that needed me to run their Facebook Ads.  As you can see below, it's resulted in just under $150,000 in sales with an EPC (earnings per click) of $50.

It was important for me to be able to guide you into using Advertising to support your efforts of driving traffic to your website.  If I can't do it, I have no business teaching you how to...

What Would 1,000 Visitors Per Day Do For Your Income?

1,000 visitors per day isn't where you end, it's where you'll be after implementing a few of the simple Systems you get when you join Traffic System Z.

If you converted just 2% of visitors, you'd be getting 20 sales per day.

Continue deploying Systems and the amount of traffic you get will continue to rise and your sales will increase, too.


While Traffic System Z is going to make a difference for you, I wanted to give you some valuable bonuses to get you implementing fast.

One hour of 1-on-1 help from Ross - Either via email or phone, Ross will help you choose the best path for your business and reach your new customers faster.  $250 real world value.

10 Bonus Checklists - You're getting dozens of systems, templates, and blueprints with the program, but these 10 additional checklists will help you implement even more traffic getting strategies in place.  $47 real world value.

31 Traffic Tricks - This video, audio, and transcript will give you access to a special recording done for a friend's private mentoring group.  Ross revealed some of his best tricks to attracting the right kind of traffic.  $47 real world value.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, know that Traffic System Z is different.

The only thing that matters is that you implement the training and templates to get results.

In fact, instead of disappearing, Ross is going to make himself available to you even more if you can't get things to work.

Here is his promise to you:

Guarantee Box icon-style-25

Your Guarantee

Ross is so sure you’ll be able to apply his Systems and profit that he’ll personally help you if you’re having any trouble.  Whether it’s via the phone, Messenger, or Skype, Ross will speak to you directly and help you figure out why things aren’t working as well as they should.

This is where I'm supposed to tell you that each Template, System, and Blueprint is worth $50,000 and that this product is worth more than a Mansion in Beverly Hills.

It's not and I'm not going to do that.

However, if you valued each of them at $30, it would be fair to ask you to pay $1,470 (that's not including the secret ones I haven't told you about).

I'm not going to do that either.

Here's How You Join Traffic System Z

Ross charges a few thousand dollars per month to help companies reach their prospects and transform them into raving fans.

Since this is a training program, you don't have to pay thousands per month.

In fact, you don't have to pay hundreds per month to be a member either.

Traffic System Z is a deal at the $1,000 it's going to sell for.

By signing up today, you're going save 51% on the standard investment.

Join today for a single payment of only $497 and you'll get at least a year of updates at no additional cost to you.


Have questions?  Concerns?  I'm happy to talk to you either via phone or whatever social media site you're comfortable using.  Email me at immortalross at or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.  I'll be happy to help you decide whether this is right for you or not.  Support desks are impersonal and I'd rather you reach out to me directly and get answers quickly.

P.S.  You can't imagine the kind of freedom you'll have in marketing your business once you have total clarity on traffic.  Not only will it make sales flow in regularly, it will make it far less stressful to do your daily marketing tasks once you aren't wondering what you should be working on.